Chicken Race Shoot Coj

: Fine game for all ages. Chicken race by controlling it to move to the end line. Fine game to be played for all ages., Category: Shooting Games سباق الفراخ العاب حرب االمسدسات و الدبابات . Created: 2009-11-24 11:24:42 , Updated: 2009-11-25 10:10:32 , Brought to you by: Samar Games ***** Please, Wait for downloading the game - File size is 5.54 MB - Takes 9.2 Minutes .

Chicken Race Shoot Coj

How to

Use mouse to shoot NEAR the cicken to speed it up to win the race

إستخدم الماوس لضرب الطلقات بجانب الفرخة علشان تجري بسرعة و تكسب السباق .. حاجة حلوة خالص

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